Iron Warriors Dramatis Personae

Warsmith Iudex Gundyr

The Blade Master

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The Blade Master is the finest swordsman in the 66th Grand Company, if not the entire legion.  He learnt his skills over the Great Crusade and the ten millennia long war.  He now wields his daemon blade and cursed shield with impunity across the battlefields of  the 41st Millenium.
The only thing that prevents him from using his skills at the top of the Grand Company is his worship of Slaanesh (learnt on secondment to the Emperor’s Children).  All true devotees of chaos are looked down upon by the rest of his legion, they prefer to trust Iron over superstition.  The 66th’s Warsmith tolerates his presence at the head of his raptor company so long as he continues to turn new recruits into fine warriors to throw into the mill of the long war.

Captain Krillon Mot



The Forlorn Hope  

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The Forlorn Hope are the remnants of a warband with the audacity to assault the 66th.  After the Warsmith dispatched their Lord in single combat they were given a simple choice – swear allegiance to the Warsmith or be handed over to The Blademaster and Warpsmiths; most chose to join the 66th.  Initially treated as borderline expendable, they have been whittled down to only the hard core.  These remnants have just about earned the grudging recognition of the rest of the legion.  Some have even been granted the privilege of bearing the hazard stripes of their new masters.

Volga Mir-Ghazi, Master of the Forge

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Warpsmith Batu “Fleshmaster” Sakuni 


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