Why painting Nurgle should Rot in hell

So the title is slightly in the direction towards overdramatic I shall admit, but consider this Nurgle needs to look like they are rotting. 40K Death guard are all green. How do you get that rotting feeling?
I will try to present my attempt at a quick way to get that rotting feeling while attempting to simply explain why Nurgle will triumph




Without further waffle let’s begin.

First off there are some techniques you will need to be able to do, I am not going to make a horrible attempt to explain them as google is your friend for learning, these are:

Spray painting

Drybrushing – Being good at drybrushing will get you far.

Wetbrushing – I don’t know its actual name but its the technique used when painting which isn’t dry brushing so I’m calling it wetbrushing.

So the actual painting part.

—–Step 1 to that rotting feeling—–

Spray paint your models Caliban Green in a well ventilated area*

It’s a bit like Dark Angels Green if you remember that


*Sooooo basically go outside for that…… trust


—–Step 2 to that rotting feeling—–

Do a heavy drybrush (STOP and listen… no wait if you don’t know what drybrushing or wetbrushing is then go google it) Rakarth Flesh (or white, white works just as well) I just prefer the flesh colour as you know flesh rots.

Painting is like an Ogre….

—–Step 3 to that rotting feeling—–

Again you need to do a heavy drybrush with Elysian Green but not quite as heavy as before.

Then a light drybrush of Ogryn Green so that it just highlights the raised areas

Sorry for the poor quality image

…They both have layers


—–Step 4 to that rotting feeling—–

Using a colour of your choice now with the touching parts up I personally used a brass colour to create a slightly rusty effect. And the flesh to touch up the skulls and horns.

Then finally a thick green wash.